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Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate

Luke Taylor

Direct Dial: 01252 550 428

Emma Warner

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Wills, Trusts & Probate

First - we'll listen...

What matters most to you when planning your own affairs or dealing with the affairs of a loved one?

  • you’ll want someone to take time to listen and talk through your wishes and concerns, and
  • you’ll need the job done with serious legal expertise and
  • you’ll want to know how much it is going to cost you.


We’ll do all of that for you….

….but we care equally about how we deliver that service.  You’ll find our people warm, friendly and informal:  you’ll find us happy to give the time you need to make decisions.

And if you find it difficult to travel, we’ll willingly visit you at home.

We list our specialist areas below – where you can find some useful information and guidance.

Please give Luke Taylor or Emma Warner a call (without obligation) to discuss your needs and obtain a quote. For price transparency information click here.

What we will do for you

  1. First, we’ll listen
  2. Then we’ll ask questions
  3. Then we’ll advise
  4. And then we’ll do what you ask us....
    quickly, simply and at the cost we’ve agreed.

Contact us by phone or email whenever you are ready.

Our Wills, Trusts and Probate team


Luke Taylor


Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate

Luke Taylor

Direct Dial:01252 550 428

Email Luke Taylor

Luke qualified as a Solicitor in 2000 and has been a Partner since 2013.

He is head of the Wills, Trusts and Probate Department and is STEP qualified.

Luke has a particular interest in acting for the elderly as advisor or attorney, administering their financial affairs and tax planning, and in setting up and administering Trusts for the disabled.


Emma Warner

Wills, Trusts and Probate Executive

Emma Warner

Direct Dial:01252 550436

Email Emma Warner

Emma has been a Private Client Executive since 2012, specialising in Wills, Probate and Court of Protection matters. She works closely with Luke Taylor.

Wills, Trusts and Probate specialisms


Power of Attorney

Tax Planning and Trusts

Court of Protection

Will Disputes

We were exceedingly happy with the way Emma Warner conducted our affairs. She was very sensitive to our specific problems.

Case Ref. WIL2589

Options were explained clearly and processed quickly and efficiently.

Case Ref. WIL3151

I found Emma Warner easy to talk to. She made me feel at ease discussing delicate subjects. Reception staff are friendly and the reception area bright and comfortable.

Case Ref. WIL3100

Luke Taylor is always helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Case Ref. WIL3107

Everyone I had any dealings with were very professional and helpful.

Case Ref. WIL3092

Luke Taylor provided clarity in all aspects of the work undertaken, with prompt responses to telephone or email queries.

Case Ref. WIL3040

Emma Warner has assisted me in several legal matters over the last couple of years. She is extremely professional, efficient and explains the legal matters clearly in an understandable way. A good service with great people.

Case Ref. WIL2869

Thanks to Luke Taylor. Excellent,

Case Ref. WIL3164

It was a pleasure to work with Luke who is helpful, reliable, trustworthy and reasonable.

Case Ref. WIL2800

As always, Luke was incredibly kind, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. We wouldn't use anyone else. Having experienced other firms all our interactions with Woodford Stauffer have been exceptional.

Case Ref. WIL3053

I would like to thank Luke Taylor for helping me in a very difficult situation.

Case Ref. WIL3187

Emma Warner provided me with an excellent, courteous, friendly and very professional service.

Case Ref. WIL3146

Emma (Warner) was very helpful, thank you.

Case Ref. WIL3181

Emma W was very helpful & very clear.

Case Ref. WIL3153&WIL3135

Emma Warner was excellent all round. We are extremely pleased to have found Woodford Stauffer and would definitely recommend your company.

Case Ref. WIL3200

It was good to be spoken to clearly without too much "legal jargon". Thank you for your help.

Case Ref. WIL3021

A far more pleasant experience than we had had with another firm that we approached.

Case Ref. WIL3249

Emma Warner - always courteous and patient. Excellent communicator, efficient and organised - Thank you - we were recommended to use Woodford Stauffer by friends. We felt in safe hands - always.

Case Ref. WIL3126

Luke Came to my home, and was most helpful with my Will.

Case Ref. WIL3280

Luke Taylor was friendly, helpful, patient and clear throughout all our involvement.

Case Ref. WIL3278

Luke explained things clearly, was patient, and was generous with his time. My wife and I were pleased with his kind and professional manner regarding our Wills and LPA's.

Case Ref. WIL3209

Emma Warner provided us with a very supportive service which helped us through our mother's estate.

Case Ref. WIL2850

Thoroughly pleased with the service and Emma Warner was friendly + professional and answered all our questions. We have already recommended to family and friends.

Case Ref. WIL3291

Emma Warner has given me excellent service throughout, in dealing with my late husband's estate. I have already recommended Woodford Stauffer to various friends, and neighbours. It has made my life so much easier getting to grip with the new way forward for me - thank you.

Case Ref. WIL2616

Thanks both to Emma Warner and Luke Taylor for their professional assistance in obtaining LPAs for myself and appointed attorneys. Excellent service throughout as always. Would certainly recommend Woodford Stauffer Solicitors to others. Thank you.

Case Ref. WIL3228

We have dealt with Woodford Stauffer for 20 years - always a top class service.

Case Ref. WIL3269

Emma Warner was extremely helpful, kind and understanding. I would definitely recommend Woodford Stauffer. Their service was second to none.

Case Ref. WIL3227

Really happy with Emma Warner. She was always there for me!

Case Ref. WIL3296

We have already recommended you and the person recommended was too very pleased with the service he received.

Case Ref. WIL3131

I would like to offer my special thanks to Emma Warner for her assistance in this difficult matter.

Case Ref. WIL3315

Emma Warner was brilliant, friendly, professional and efficient, handled everything perfectly.

Case Ref. WIL3317

Emma Warner was brilliant and so helpful through the whole process of my Mum's Estate.

Case Ref. WIL3264

Luke Taylor, excellent service, clear advice, explained all options.

Case Ref. WIL3339

Mr Luke Taylor - excellent service, very helpful, informative, thorough and patient. Thank you.

Case Ref. WIL3325

Emma Warner: very professional, approachable, and clear from the first contact. Very impressed and knowledgeable. In Emma's absence Luke Taylor was equally impressive. We have already recommended to other parties.

Case Ref. WIL3345

The service provided was very flexible in light of the Covid19 issue.

Case Ref. WIL3368

Just to mention those we physically met were very helpful and the entire staff too. We have already recommended some of our friends, though some of them come from very far.

Case Ref. WIL3328

All staff I contacted with regard to Will & house conveyancing were very helpful. Luke Taylor gives you confidence of the outcome by his attention to detail.

Case Ref. WIL3157

Mr Luke Taylor - Very good service.

Case Ref. WIL3361

Emma [Warner]! I give thanks for you and the great work you have done in bringing this to completion. What a wonderful you are. Your knowledge and expertise is surmounting.

Case Ref. WIL2508

A conversation with Emma [Warner] always gave me full confidence. She was committed to my business requirements and situation. I have already mentioned you to friends and neighbours: a trustworthy and reliable company.

Case Ref. WIL3342

Excellent and professional service from Luke Taylor, Thank you!

Case Ref. WIL3388

Emma Warner was excellent. She was very approachable and kept us informed throughout the process - I found Woodford Stauffer provided an excellent service. They were helpful and willing to take the time to explain things. A highly responsive and supportive service throughout.

Case Ref. WIL3306

We cannot thank Emma Warner enough for the excellent service and support.

Case Ref. WIL3398

Luke Taylor - I felt at ease and safe.

Case Ref. WIL3402

We appreciated Emma Warner's kindly assistance with our Wills and found her very patient. Commendation also to her assistant Brenda and also Clive Barker. We have already recommend the firm to friends.

Case Ref. WIL3380

Luke Taylor was very efficient and informative.

Case Ref. WIL3362

Thank you Luke for providing excellent service and taking the time to explain all aspects fully face to face during the pandemic. I have used Woodford Stauffer for both conveyancing and Power of Attorney. Both time they provided excellent service. Well done to all the team!!!

Case Ref. WIL3353

This firm of solicitors was recommended to me by my son and I have been very pleased by the service offered to me.

Case Ref. WIL3421

Luke Taylor was effricient, friendly, professional and very competent. For the work you did for us, i.e. updating : revising our Will we would recommend your services.

Case Ref. WIL3221

Luke Taylor - Excellent service and patience. Reception staff - Excellent service.

Case Ref. WIL3255

Excellent service throughout from Emma Warner and Brenda Turner.

Case Ref. WIL3384

Good job Emma Warner

Case Ref. WIL3331

Emma Warner very professional and helpful.

Case Ref. WIL3413

Both Brenda and Emma were clear and timely in all dealings. Information was delivered without "legalese" so was easy to understand at all times.

Case Ref. WIL3445

Luke Taylor was very approachable, courteous and exceedingly patient when faced with unsure clients! This feedback barely touched on the complexities of the subject! it has been obscure territory for us - but Luke gently broke us into a necessary - but 'alien' area - thank you Luke - will not hesitate to get in touch when sudden matters arise - am sure they will!

Case Ref. WIL3347

Emma Warner - I wanted to thank you for all of your help with sorting out the estate of our Dad, you made it so much easier for us, we couldn't have done it without you. There is no telling how long the Grant of Probate would have gone on for if you hadn't stepped in and done it all for us.

Case Ref. WIL3417

Luke has helped our family on several occasions in the past 5 years. He is always incredibly professional, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I would never go anywhere else. At a time when you are dealing with all the emotions grief brings Luke helps to make an incredibly hard time as simple as possible guiding, supporting and offering advice. I'd recommend Luke and Woodford Stauffer as a company without hesitation.

Case Ref. WIL3253

I would like to thank Emma Warner for all her assistance in helping me with my will and LPAs.

Case Ref. WIL3413

Luke Taylor - professional, efficient and thorough from start to finish - excellent. Absolutely delighted to highly recommend Woodford Stauffer to others.

Case Ref. WIL3518

Emma has been wonderful, making sure I understood all aspects, she is a credit to her firm and herself.

Case Ref. WIL3539

Luke Taylor was very helpful, explaining the legal process in terms I could understand. Thank you Luke and your staff.

Case Ref. WIL3313

Emma Warner - her dealing with our Wills was very efficient and excellent service. Very helpful and everything explained fully.

Case Ref. WIL3450

Luke Taylor went above and beyond his remit and recommended John Beck who has also been excellent.

Case Ref. WIL3576

Emma and her assistant Brenda were very efficient and kept me updated all the time. Emma felt more like a friend than a Solicitor and I wouldn’t hesitate in using her or her company again.

Case Ref. WIL3508

Emma was efficient at dealing with our Wills.

Case Ref. WIL3560

Emma Warner went above and beyond. Give the woman a pay rise! Thank you.

Case Ref. WIL3456

Emma was excellent.

Case Ref. WIL3419

Emma Warner and her assistant provided excellent service. Effective and speedy service.

Case Ref. WIL3581

I would like to thank Luke Taylor for the drafting and completing of our Wills and LPA’s with excellent customer service and very efficient. A high recommendation for this company. Friendly, courteous and most professional in all they do.

Case Ref. WIL3479

Everyone was very helpful. Thank you for excellent advice and service. Would recommend to anyone

Case Ref. WIL3638

I have south advice from Luke Taylor a number of times and find his guidance, service and professionalism has always been exemplary

Case Ref. WIL3606

Mr Luke Taylor had been extremely helpful and knowledgeable guiding me to make up the Will.

Case Ref. WIL3598

Emma Warner, Aleena Latif and the lady in reception who took my phone calls. Already have recommended. I have been treated with kindness and care throughout. Professional advice and help have been appreciated by me, as well as patience. Thank you.

Case Ref. WIL3698

Emma and Aleena were excellent.

Case Ref. WIL3526

We would like to thank Emma Warner and Brenda specifically, for their communication and approachability. Although our case took many months and was quite intricate, we were appraised regularly with updates which were not just emails but phone calls. The personal touch of those were very welcome during a difficult time.

Case Ref. WIL3288

Emma Warner was particularly reassuring and helpful and efficient. Without hesitation I would recommend Woodford Stauffer (and have done) for their personal service and reasonable costs.

Case Ref. WIL3095

Emma Warner, excellent service.

Case Ref. WIL3728

I was impressed by your grasp of the issues and your patience and balanced advice. Many thanks.

Case Ref. WIL3178

Thank you again for your efficient and professional service together with your invaluable guidance and support. Excellent service provided by Emma Warner.

Case Ref. WIL3446

Luke Taylor – responded promptly to our calls. Responded with accuracy to our requests.

Case Ref. WIL3721