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WOODFORD STAUFFER COVID-19 POLICY: DATED 3rd April 2020 (For details for domestic violence work, please see notice below)

We are continuing to provide a full and uninterrupted service to our Clients and are open for new business.

In compliance with the Government’s directive, the office is not open to visitors.

However, where a visit is necessary, Clients can be seen by appointment whilst observing strict distancing protocol and, where essential, we can also make home visits providing distancing can be observed.

We are frequently being asked if we can assist with preparing Wills on an urgent basis: - we can.  

You can contact us as usual by telephone or email. If you are a new Client, please click on the department relevant to your work type and email the head of that department.

Verity Stauffer

Senior Partner



Our emergency response unit is providing an expedited service for all those in fear of violence or controlling behaviour.

We can represent spouses, partners, children and grandparents to get an injunction at Court within 24 hours, sometimes less, in conditions of secrecy.

The Court is dealing with these by email on a priority basis.


            Katie Wouldham

            Email: wouldhamk@woodfordstauffer.co.uk

            Direct Dial: 01252 550432

            Jon Beck

            Email: beckj@woodfordstauffer.co.uk

            Direct Dial: 01252 550441


            Verity Stauffer

            Email: staufferv@woodfordstauffer.co.uk

            Direct Dial: 01252 550408

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