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We are regularly reviewing the situation and following the guidance issued by Public Health England.

Our policy is to operate as normal and we have planned to be able to do that – but we also prioritise the health of our staff.

All executive staff will be able to work from home, fully integrated to our office systems and telephone, as and when required.

At present all staff are working in the office unless they are symptomatic or are required to self-isolate. We have a number of staff away at present but the office is able to operate as normal.

However, this is only possible with the understanding and co-operation of clients and professional contacts. Telephone calls from anxious clients and contacts with COVID-19 queries are overwhelming us.

The fact is that, at this very early stage of the progress of the disease, uncertainty is rife. Our priority must be to progress work efficiently and our clients can access this progress direct via the portal.

Telephone calls

Please, therefore, do not telephone Woodford Stauffer if you have queries about how Covid-19 may affect your matter. Please send an email to your named fee earner and this will be answered as quickly as possible.

By exercising restraint, you will allow us to progress all matters – including yours – as effectively as possible and will lessen the chance of our telephone system being overwhelmed.

Visits to the office

Please do not visit our office unless it is essential.

If you have to visit, please contact us (preferably by email) to make an appointment and we will phone you back.

When you come to the office, we will not shake hands and will keep a distance, if possible, of at least 2 metres from you. We will ask you, upon arrival, to wash your hands. Our staff will have washed their hands immediately before seeing you.

We are happy to set up arranged telephone calls or conference calls, in lieu of meetings.


We understand that this is a very worrying time for everyone. We have made it our policy to treat all of our clients and professional contacts with understanding and forbearance in recognition that everyone is doing their best in uncharted territory.

The situation will change as it develops and we will update this statement as we review our policy from time to time.

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