Darren Bowen

Head of Residential conveyancing


Whether you choose to instruct us on your purchase/sale will depend on what’s most important to you:

  • the cost, or
  • the quality of service you receive.

If it’s cost, there are plenty of cheap conveyancers out there.

But we believe that we get what we pay for.  And with something as pivotal as a house purchase or sale, a professional and reliable job is not only sensible; it’s essential.

What you'll get from us

  • You’ll have your own team working for you, headed by a specialist and highly experienced lawyer, and you’ll have the direct phone number and email address of all members of your team; so you’ll have a personal service.
  • You’ll have the right mix of skilled legal insight, practical proactive action and friendly, efficient service.
  • You’ll have a team with superb back up in terms of I.T., banking services, and practice management.

All our Clients’ comments are uploaded, every month, onto this website.
Have a look at them; they speak for us better than we ever could.

We’re not expensive; just realistic. So if you think we might be what you're looking for, ask us for a quote without obligation.

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We promise that we will

  1. listen to you,
  2. communicate with you,
  3. advise you and, above all -
  4. get you moved

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Our Conveyancing Team


Darren Bowen

Solicitor and Partner

Head of Residential Conveyancing

Darren Bowen

Direct Dial:01252 550419

Email Darren Bowen

Darren qualified as a Solicitor in 1994 and has been an equity Partner since 1998.

He is Head of Residential Conveyancing and his particular areas of interest are equity release schemes and leasehold extensions.


Emma Fairbairn

Fellow Institute Legal Executives

Partner - Assistant Head of Residential Conveyancing

Emma Fairbairn

Direct Dial:01252 550417

Email Emma Fairbairn

Emma has been a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives since 1996 and an equity Partner since 2013.

She specialises in residential conveyancing and has a particular interest in old properties with difficult Titles.


Sally Digweed

Licensed Conveyancer

Salaried Partner – Residential Conveyancer

Sally Digweed

Direct Dial:01252 550416

Email Sally Digweed

Sally is a Licenced Conveyancer and has been a Partner since 2015. She specialises in residential conveyancing.


Jo Elliott

Fellow Institute of Legal Executives

Salaried Partner – Residential Conveyancer

Jo Elliott

Direct Dial:01252 550406

Email Jo Elliott

Joanna is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives, having qualified in 2008, and has been a Partner since 2015.

She specialises in residential conveyancing and has a particular specialism in new builds and the Help to Buy Scheme.


Georgina Short

Fellow Institute Legal Executives

Salaried Partner – Residential Conveyancer

Georgina Short

Direct Dial:01252 550449

Email Georgina Short

Georgie manages one of our residential conveyancing teams.

After a Degree from the University of Nottingham in politics. She trained and qualified as a licenced conveyancer in 2012 and then as a chartered legal executive in 2014.

She trained in residential conveyancing with a local firm, Harrison Li, and then moved to a large specialist property firm in Guildford, GCL.   There, she worked closely with developers and purchasers and was chosen to spend 4 years working in Hong Kong as an appointed lawyer acting for purchasers at property exhibitions.

She joined us as a team manager in July 2018. 

Georgie is skilled in all aspects of residential conveyancing including shared ownership and help to buy assisted properties, new builds, auctions, re-mortgages and transfers of equity.


Jane Gray


Salaried Partner – Residential Conveyancer

Jane Gray

Direct Dial:01252 550420

Email Jane Gray

Jane qualified as a Solicitor in 2006 and has been a Partner since 2021.

Jane specialises in residential conveyancing.


Sarah Coy

Fellow Institute of Legal Executives

Residential Conveyancer

Sarah Coy

Direct Dial:01252 550404

Email Sarah Coy

Sarah is a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives, having qualified in 2023.

Sarah specialises in residential conveyancing.


Kate Reid

Residential Conveyancing Executive

Kate Reid

Direct Dial:01252 550402

Email Kate Reid

Kate specialises in residential conveyancing.


Megan Appleton

Residential Conveyancing Executive

Megan Appleton

Direct Dial:01252 550430

Email Megan Appleton

Megan specialises in residential conveyancing.


Nimmi Bains

Residential Conveyancing Executive

Nimmi Bains

Direct Dial:01252 550427

Email Nimmi Bains

Nimmi specialises in residential conveyancing.


Sudesh Ghere

Residential Conveyancing Executive

Sudesh Ghere

Direct Dial:01252 550435

Email Sudesh Ghere

Sudesh specialises in residential conveyancing.

Hi Tina. I would take this opportunity to thank you and the team for the professionalism you have all shown during the process for the sale of my house.

Case Ref. RES60244

I consider the whole of Darren’s team performed equally well. A thoroughly professional/well organised team providing an excellent service.

Case Ref. RES60244

I would like to thank everyone at Woodford Stauffer namely, Megan Appleton, Caitlin Vorley-Lark, Emma Day, Kate Reid, Claire Westbrook for their excellent work, professionalism, kindness and understanding especially on those occasions when we must have asked your help as first time buyers and at a time when things were very stressful and anxious. We always felt that however busy everyone was, we were always lent a sympathetic ear which was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Woodford Stauffer and would definitely use them again in the future. Many thanks once again for everything, you were brilliant from the first telephone conversation until the end of our mortgage housing process. I found the whole process stress free due to your input and in the end was very pleased with the outcome which was far more than I had hoped for. I would recommend your services to friends and family.

Case Ref. RES60440/MA

Excellent service from Annette Jameson. Thank you. We have used Woodford Stauffer at least 4 times now and have never been disappointed.

Case Ref. RES60339/DAB

Megan Donelan and Sarah Coy are an excellent team. They were able to expedite an exchange and completion under pressing circumstances and I am truly grateful.

Case Ref. RES60540/SC

Nimmi Bains has been exceptionally helpful throughout the many months it has taken to finally complete our purchase. We would definitely recommend. This is the best experience we have had with solicitors.

Case Ref. RES60298/NB

Yvonne Hill was brilliant, helpful and kept us informed at all times. It made all the difference. Thank you. Would definitely recommend and the next time we need a solicitor, we know where to come.?

Case Ref. RES60415/JE

The firm dealt with our case very diligently and efficiently. We received excellent service with a great deal of client care, clarity and confidence. The advice provided and case management were excellent. We trust this firm, and instructed it for the second time, also we recommended the firm to our friends. We know this firm as a very reasonable and trustworthy solicitors who do a great job and protect interests of their clients.

Case Ref. RES60023/EF

Once again Sarah Coy and her team excelled! Thank you very much. Sarah Coy has looked after us for several years now on multiple instructions and we are indebted once again to her talent and professionalism. Thank you again Sarah !! :-)

Case Ref. RES60178/SC

We found Emma Fairbairn and her team excellent in all respects. We were very well informed at all times and felt totally confident in their hands throughout the proceedings.

Case Ref. RES59879/EF

Yvonne Hill, very responsive, knowledgeable and all round excellent to work with. Its actually unbelievable how much better your team is compaired to our last team.

Case Ref. RES61027/JE

We were very impressed with the service we received during a stressful and prolonged property sale and purchase. Queries were responded to within hours. Emma Fairbairn was meticulous in her analysis of information and queries from the other parties, raising issues as appropriate and challenging invalid concerns raised by them.

Case Ref. RES60021/EF

This is an official thank you for making my life easy and coping with all the complications and legal matters to help me move last week. I am very happy. Thank you.

Case Ref. RES60148/JG

Sudesh Ghere and Caitlin Vorley-Lark, kept us informed of progression and completed on time. No stress for us. Smooth and efficient with no hidden costs. Thank you.

Case Ref. RES60465/SG

Would like to say a big thank you to all for proficiency in the sale of our parents’ house. I would and have recommended you to others.

Case Ref. RES59620/SG

Moving house is very stressful and worrying – Jo Elliott and her assistant Lindsey were a very calming influence and were just wonderful. I would recommend without a doubt!!

Case Ref. RES60453/JE

Fast and clear communication to get sale complete.

Case Ref. RES59722/DAB

Jo Elliott has been very helpful and processed my purchase transaction very efficiently with my best interest in mind. Communication was good and timely.

Case Ref. RES60511/JE

I’m very grateful for the excellent service you and your practice have given me.

Case Ref. RES59654/JE

Good morning Darren. On behalf of my family, I just wanted to say a massive thank you, Annette, Sally, Tina and the whole team, for all your patience, time and effort in making our purchase and completion all happen.

Case Ref. RES60140/DAB

We want to thank you and everyone else who we spoke at Woodford Stauffer for you’re amazing support, quick responses and being so “on-it” throughout the whole process. We are very grateful and couldn’t fault you, so will definitely consider using you again when needed in the future.

Case Ref. RES59539/MA

Thanks Jo and also to Yvonne. You have both been excellent. I’m also really grateful to Yvonne for pushing it along and being so knowledgeable and helpful on many questions!

Case Ref. RES60312/JE

I can’t print-off the assessment form just now. But I would like to say all the points should be marked “excellent” with your name being of special mention for your patience, calm and professional demeanour, forbearance, tenacity and kindness. You led us through a particularly stressful move and we truly appreciated your work for us.

Case Ref. RES59337/GS

A big thank you and happy new year to yourself and all the team at Woodford Stauffer for the help you guys provided us with. WS have helped with both houses and been amazing both times.

Case Ref. RES59066/GS

Thank you so much for doing the conveyance on our house. I am so glad you were recommended to us. You have been such a great help to us with your knowledge, kindness and also super speedy with actions which needed sorting. Really appreciate it and would recommend you to anyone.

Case Ref. RES59846/SC

Yvonne, I can’t describe how stress relieving it is to have a solicitor such as yourselves.

Case Ref. RES61027/JE(2)

Everyone I dealt with, 3 people I think, were equally excellent. Unlike a couple of other solicitors I have had dealings with over the years- you have been (a) reasonably priced and not “ripping us off” with extraneous/overpriced trivia! (b) Incredibly quick to respond. (c) Clear /concise/courteous and very professional and knowledgeable.

Case Ref. RES59331/JG

Sally was always a highly competent, professional presence, but all at Woodford Stauffer were courteous and helpful. I great appreciate the outstanding service I received from Woodford Stauffer.

Case Ref. RES59334/SAL

Everybody at WS who were collectively involved in the conveyancing process. As always, WS provided a first-class service for all aspects of legal processes.

Case Ref. RES60462/JG

Jane and Tasman. Thank you both for your helping me in my move. I don’t know what I would have done without your support.

Case Ref. RES60599/JG

Sarah Coy was amazing, friendly and so helpful.

Case Ref. RES59846/SC(2)

Megan and Tina were very helpful and efficient.

Case Ref. RES60040/SC

Annette Jameson kept me very well informed with detailed letters and emails and I appreciated the help received.

Case Ref. RES60524/DAB

Efficient and professional, with good use of the latest technology to process my purchase, in a timely manner.

Case Ref. RES60467/GS

Nimmi Bains. Very impressed with the way she protected our interests and our money.

Case Ref. RES59821/NB

I would like to thank Jane and Maryanne for their excellent service and efficiency.

Case Ref. RES59578/JG

Sarah Fuller was very polite, helpful and professional.

Case Ref. RES58377/JG

Sudesh and her the team was considerate, responsive to our communications and is clearly an expert in the field. Sudesh went the extra mile over and above the other solicitors in the chain, ensuring we were ready to exchange and complete as promptly as possible, thank you. Superb service, would highly recommend.

Case Ref. SG/RES60221

Sudesh Ghere and Kate Reid provided excellent service. Everything was dealt with efficiency and promptly.

Case Ref. SG/RES60650

Good morning Clive. We really appreciate the collaborative spirit demonstrated by everyone at Woodford Stauffer. Thank you so much for your time in offering your invaluable, tailored advice. We feel fortunate that our situation is expertly handled by a firm that specialises in providing valuable consulting services, prioritising strategic guidance over mere administrative and execution processes.

Case Ref. JE/RES61032

Nimmi made our sale process look easy. It was smooth with no trouble. House buying/selling is a stressful process but as for the legal issues, it was as straightforward as it could be thanks to Nimmi.

Case Ref. NB/RES60545

Our conveyancer Nimmi Bains was outstanding from start to finish both in managing our property purchase in relation to the dependent flat sale. The assistance provided throughout this very testing period was excellent. I have already highly recommended Woodford Stauffer to a friend who will be moving in the local area soon.

Case Ref. NB/RES60223

Nimmi was worth every penny, always helpful and Luke at the closing stages the same.

Case Ref. NB/RES59278

Nimmi was brilliant, professional and prompt. She saved us from big mistake with her thorough work. We can’t be grateful enough for her hard work.

Case Ref. NB/RES59717

As always Woodford Stauffer provide a first-class service.

Case Ref. JG/RES60462

Would like to thank Jane and Maryanne for their excellent service and efficiency.

Case Ref. JG/RES59578

Jane Gray and her team always at the end of the phone when I needed advice or reassurance. Most of the time it was not difficult to speak to a member of staff. If no one was available I was contracted fairly quickly with answers to my queries. Thank you.

Case Ref. JG/RES60447

Excellent pro-active service from the Team. Thank you.

Case Ref. JG/RES60517

Annette Jameson seemed to be my only contact but she was outstanding. Her communication was very clear and timely. She kept us informed and calm and was utterly professional. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. The sale of our house was totally painless, your service was first class.

Case Ref. DAB/RES60070

We are very grateful as a family to Darren Bowen, Annette Jameson and Sally Digweed and the young ladies on reception (who have been very kind). Thank you.

Case Ref. DAB/RES60140

I wish to take the time to thank your Team for completing my house sale. It all went smoothly and a particular thanks go to Tasman Cochrane.

Case Ref. SK/RES57420

I received an excellent service from Woodford Stauffer. I dealt primarily with Chloe Field but also with Anna Fewell, Lorna Horrill, Luke Compton, and occasionally with Georgina Short directly. Everyone was very helpful, particularly Chloe, and the fault for the delays in progressing clearly lies with the buyers’ solicitors, for whom I have a much lower opinion. Thanks again for all your work on this testing case and for getting it over the line.

Case Ref. GS/RES60096

We know that the purchase of the flat that we made was in safe hands with Emma Fairbairn.

Case Ref. EF/RES60481

Emma Fairbairn and her team acted with speed and professionalism throughout my purchase. Thank you for your excellent service.

Case Ref. EF/RES60175

Sarah Coy excellent – always very helpful.

Case Ref. SC/RES60573

My most sincere thanks to the team, Darren, Annette, Abby and Tina for an excellent level of service. Very highly recommended, professional, courteous, responsive, all with excellent communication skills. Thank you so much.

Case Ref. SC/RES60576

I worked with Jo Elliott who has been absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for a better service than the one I’ve received on buying my first home. Yes 100% I will come back to Jo next time I buy a house and will be recommending her to anyone I know who is buying a house in the future.

Case Ref. RES59258/JE

You have been informative, efficient and faultless throughout the process – very grateful for the service.

Case Ref. RES60737/SG

A special thanks to Darren, Aiden and Tina :) Excellent experience the entire way through, leading to a quick and smooth completion on our first home.

Case Ref. RES61057/DAB

Jo Elliott is so excellent and lovely, great service. Lindsey Haines is also wonderful and efficient. Excellent firm and always will recommend Woodford Stauffer. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

Case Ref. RES60159/JE

Dear Annette – Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was a very efficient service and I was kept informed what was going on at all times. I am very grateful to you for your help.

Case Ref. RES60587/DAB

Sudesh was so helpful and communicative. We always felt informed where we were up to in the process, she was always so quick to respond with any queries. Thank you Sudesh. What can be an anxious time, is helped by communication and Sudesh excelled at this.

Case Ref. RES60669/SG

Emma Fairbairn and her team progressed my conveyancing very efficiently and handled my queries quickly. This was the second time I have used Woodford Stauffer and I knew everything would go well. Moving is very stressful but I knew that this was the area I did not have to worry about.

Case Ref. RES60934/EF

Excellent service from Sudesh!

Case Ref. RES60768/SG

I liaised mainly with Annette Jameson. A very nice lady who communicated with me well and pleasant throughout my dealings with WS regarding the sale of my property. WS did a great job, especially when dealing with the purchasers’ solicitors!

Case Ref. RES59881/DAB

Thank you very much for completing this process smoothly in good time. I will contact you if I need to in the future.

Case Ref. RES60700/JE

Emma Fairbairn, Emma Day, Carol Geering all gave an outstanding service. Simply the best! Our second experience with WS. Would not dream of using anyone else. Professional, efficient and great communication.

Case Ref. RES60120/EF

We felt we had to chase too often and hand out info through our estate agent rather than yourselves.

Case Ref. RES60443/JE

Felt that both Sarah and Megan responded very quickly and the whole process was organised. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you for all your help!

Case Ref. RES60793/SC

To Tina – thank you all very much for all your assistance. Should we require legal assistance in the future, you will be the first we contact and recommend to others.

Case Ref. RES60809/DAB

Dear Annette and Tina and Abbey – Firstly can we thank you for concluding the sale, your professionalism and understanding is most appreciated.

Case Ref. RES60769/DAB