Verity Stauffer

Head of Personal Injury & Medical Claims

Verity Stauffer

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Georgina Berio

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Personal Injury & Medical Claims

Our areas of particular specialism –

  1. Claims arising from medical treatment (called clinical negligence claims).
  2. Accidents at work.
  3. Road accidents - drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Accidents while visiting premises (eg. in a shop, leisure facility or private home).
  5. Holiday accidents, including accidents abroad.
  6. Dog attacks.

There are many firms out there offering you compensation for personal injury.

If you take one thing away from this site, please take this: make sure you instruct a firm of solicitors to handle your claim – not a claims company.

Why?  Because it’s important that you choose your solicitor yourself, to best suit your needs.  A claims company is merely a middle man; it takes details of your accident from you and sells those details to a solicitor of its own choosing.

We don’t believe that injured people should be treated as a commodity.

And we don’t believe that solicitors should buy their clients from third parties.

We promise that we will

  1. listen to you
  2. communicate with you
  3. advise you clearly and, above all
  4. fight for you

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Why instruct Woodford Stauffer?

Our Experience
  • We have 27 years specialist handling of personal injury and medical negligence claims.
  • We have a particular reputation for taking on difficult claims: where we believe there is a deserving case we will explore every avenue to expose the evidence needed to succeed.
Our principles
  • We don’t pay for claims or recommendations – ever. Our reputation is such that most of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations from previous clients, doctors and other lawyers.
  • We’re a small firm by choice. Whilst expertise is vital, we prefer to work in a small and personal environment and believe clients appreciate the quality of service that results.
Our Focus
  • We only act for claimants, never for defendants. Our whole practice is geared to the victims of accidents and clinical negligence.
  • We recognise that financial hardship frequently results from an accident. Of course, we offer no win no fee schemes – but we are also geared to seek interim payments speedily, where possible, to ease your situation.

We can visit you at home or in hospital.  If you choose to visit us our office is comfortable, inviting and, most importantly, all on one level and disabled-friendly.

  • If we believe we can win your case, we’ll act for you on a “no win no fee basis” (technically called a conditional fee agreement (CFA)).
  • Under our CFA, you will pay nothing to us, or any other party, if you recover nothing. We will underwrite all of your costs.
  • If you do receive compensation, you will pay us a “success fee”. This will never be more than 20% of the compensation you receive for your injury.  Often, it will be less – depending on the difficulties of your particular case, but you won’t have to pay anything else.
Verity Stauffer pursued my claim with an excellent outcome. I thank you most sincerely for all you have done on my behalf which I really appreciated. No cause for concern at any point. Brilliant.

Case Ref. S3515/1

Dear Verity, I don't know how to put into words how I feel about all the help and guidance you have given me over the last five years, I really couldn't have got through without you, I will be forever grateful to you especially the dark times when on more than one occasion I was ready to give up but you always knew how to keep me strong and on the right track, and all the laughs we've had I will cherish forever thank you so so much you are one special lady! I will keep in touch, take care.

Case Ref. S2410/2

Special thanks to both Darren and Verity for their conveyancing work as well as successful legal representation during a financial dispute. Excellent solicitor firm.

Case Ref. DAB/VSS

I felt that the staff of Woodford Stauffer had my interests at the centre of their actions on my behalf. I felt my case would not succeed until Woodford Stauffer acted on my behalf, and provided a result beyond my expectations.

Case Ref. C3115/1