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Clive Barker

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Family Law

Getting you your life back...

If you are reading this page, you probably have concerns about the breakdown of your relationship, your family finances, or contact arrangements for your children. Perhaps, even, all of the above.

You want to know what services we offer and how good we are.

Each member of our Team is a specialist Family Lawyer and each also has a particular area of expertise and interest within the umbrella of Family Law, including;

  • Contact and living arrangements
  • Financial support and Child Maintenance Service
  • International child disputes and relocation of children abroad.

Every case is different. Some clients need us to fight forensically on the financial front, some cases need great sensitivity and emotional intelligence; a few simply require a light touch to assist an amicable divorce.

We do not do Legal Aid, and we may not be the cheapest (but we are far from the most expensive).

All clients need to budget for their legal expenses and need to know how much they have spent at any one time.

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can discuss your situation and get a feel for the service we offer.

We will provide you with a clear and detailed plan of next steps, the likely costs involved and payment options, and we will set a billing procedure with you to suit your needs.

We promise that we will

  1. Listen to you
  2. Communicate with you
  3. Advise you and, above all
  4. Fight for you

It may be hard now – but we will see you through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Contact us by phone or email whenever you are ready.

Family law specialisms



Non-married couples


Domestic abuse

Pre-nuptial agreements

Family mediation

Katie, Clive and Sandra Roos - Very excellent and such lovely people who helped me out a lot and the staff are great.

Case Ref. WIL3113

I have to say that having Jon Beck as my sane voice of reason in what otherwise appears as a madhatter's tea party is so very consoling.

Case Ref. B4049/1

Excellent Service, knowledgeable and very good at keeping me updated.

Case Ref. FAM2553

Katie Wouldham was excellent throughout the process.

Case Ref. FAM2169

Clive and Amanda were very professional, clear and concise corresponding. They both made a difficult situation bearable with great communication. Very content with the service I received, honest, truthful and to the point. If it wasn't for Clive's advice I would have been far worse off. A credit to your company.

Case Ref. FAM1972

Clive Barker was professional, personable, efficient and very informative during the whole process. He was patient and empathetic with me and went out of his way to be helpful and assist me on the telephone and in person whenever required. I would highly recommend them. Amanda, his assistant was always extremely helpful and efficient during my case.

Case Ref. FAM2056

Katie was extremely helpful and dealt very effectively with a difficult matter.

Case Ref. FAM/KW

I would like to give my thanks to the amazing work of Clive Barker & Amanda.

Case Ref. FAM2649

Clive was very supportive throughout the process.

Case Ref. FAM2609

Clive & Amanda: Professional, proactive and always kept me abreast of all situations - thank you.

Case Ref. FAM2047

Thank you all for the assistance you've given through this, you were all fantastic and put a lot of my worries at ease throughout this process. I hope others can continue to benefit from all of your fantastic help!

Case Ref. FAM2768

Jon Beck was amazing and gave me the confidence to proceed with the case.

Case Ref. FAM2469

Clive was a calm voice of reason which is what you need when your world falls apart. Amanda was always kind and patient with a great sense of humour. I didn't know which way to turn and went to Woodford Stauffer because 2 people recommended them. I would definitely also recommend. Thank you.

Case Ref. FAM2518

Katie Wouldham, Excellent service received, even while working abroad with the Army. This service was 2nd to none. I would happily recommend this service to anyone. I couldn't have been happier with my selection of Woodford Stauffer. If I ever need a solicitor in the future this will be the first place I come.

Case Ref. FAM2446

Katie Wouldham thank you for all your hard work, I was very pleased with the outcome. I appreciate the way you have handled everything and kept me calm throughout. Your calmness, honesty got me through and our phone calls always calmed any anxiety.

Case Ref. FAM2635

I was very happy with the friendly professional attitude of everyone I met. Thanks.

Case Ref. FAM2310

I highly recommend Jon Beck from Woodford Stauffer Solicitors. He dealt with all aspects of my divorce case covering custody of my awesome boys, to what should happen with the family home. From a father's perspective, you read the horror stories of the ex-wife getting everything, and according to the first 2 solicitors I interviewed, they do! This is not so. Jon supported me throughout this whole process. Our case went to court and I was extremely pleased with the outcome!

Case Ref. FAM2474

Jon Beck of Woodford Stauffer was amazing. Couldn't recommend highly enough. He not only got me through a very difficult financial settlement but child courts too and was very supportive in addition to legal advice.

Case Ref. FAM2124

Thank you for all your help and valuable support to get to this point the last two years with divorce and childcare matters.

Case Ref. FAM2239

Please thank Katie Wouldham again for all her assistance over the past 2 and a half years. She gave me strength and confidence to respond legally to an abusive bully.

Case Ref. FAM2239

I would strongly recommend Katie Wouldham from Woodford Stauffer Solicitors. She dealt with my divorce case and supported me through this emotional roller coaster. She was very professional, caring, sensitive and extremely knowledgeable and she dealt with my matter quickly. I would also recommend her assistant Sandra Roos who was always there for me at the end of the phone or in person for my enquiries.

Case Ref. FAM28971

Jon Beck was the only solicitor who believed I had a case and we won. After dealing with other solicitors they are terrible compared to Woodford Stauffer.

Case Ref. FAM2474

Jon Beck – As always they get it wrong and you show them the path of righteousness lol

Case Ref. FAM2844

Jon and Sandra I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for all your efforts in providing me with legal advice and representation throughout what has been a torrid and colourful journey. I have always felt so supported by you and the advice I have received has always been so well considered and second to none. Needless to say, I shall not hesitate to recommend you and Jon should I come across someone needing an excellent family law solicitor

Case Ref. FAM2641

Clive and Sandra. Thank you for making the separation process as painless as possible. You really listened to me and my wants but still made sure that I received what I needed and for that I am grateful.

Case Ref. FAM3024

Both Jon Beck and Sandra Roos were really excellent. I could not have asked for better representation and support. I would thoroughly recommend Jon Beck to my friends and colleagues. I have worked with many solicitors as a local authority social worker over the past 17 years and I have to say Jon is one of the best I have come across.

Case Ref. FAM2641

Everyone concerned were efficient in answering my never ending queries! Very efficient, great communication, helped me through the process.


Clive Barker was particularly helpful and understanding throughout my divorce and his considerable knowledge and experience were invaluable to me.

Case Ref. FAM2618

Would just like to say thank you to Katie Wouldham

Case Ref. FAM3085

Jon – If ever solicitors needed an entrance song I recommend Simply the Best by Tina Turner because you are simply the best. Resilient and strong throughout the whole journey! Thanks for your patience and tolerance when I slipped. As they say in New Zealand – Thanks mate!

Case Ref. FAM2516/1

As I made my final payment to you and have been reflecting on what has been a very long and arduous three years, I wanted to write you a quick email to say thank you for your efforts over the last few months and for helping me finally get this divorce over the line. Your advice has been both much needed at times and also of great value. Best wishes for the future and (don't take this the wrong way). I hope I shall not require your services again!

Case Ref. FAM2997

As we are now closing my file, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all the advice and guidance throughout what has been the most difficult phase of my life. I appreciate all the assistance you have provided during this time. I’m in a much better place today and I am grateful to you for playing an important part in the process which got me through to the other side. Thank you very much.

Case Ref. FAM2135

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you Katie for your hard work and your constant encouragement and support. I’ve been through a few rough years lately and I’m sure I would have been lost without your advice. You guided me through the entire process perfectly, and I will be eternally grateful for that. I would always highly recommend you and the barristers too.

Case Ref. FAM2527

Clive Barker helped me to deal with an acrimonious dispute between myself and my ex-fiancé. His service was excellent and he dealt with this matter with great professionalism throughout.

Case Ref. FAM2994

Thank you for being such an amazing solicitor and for all your hard work and support on my case. I’m forever grateful. Thank you.

Case Ref. FAM2979

Clive, I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to you and Sandra for taking on my case and accelerating it through. I feel that taking your guidance and direction was a huge blessing. Your professionalism, experience and wisdom was clear to see when engaging and closing off any unnecessary challenges from the other side.

Case Ref. FAM3061

I am very happy with the service that you all provided and extremely grateful for all the help and advice you gave me throughout a difficult time.

Case Ref. FAM2798

Thank you so much for all your help not only now but for the last few years putting up with me and assisting in my divorce. You’ve been fantastic. I wish you all the best.

Case Ref. FAM2839

Thank you Clive for your help and guidance throughout the past three and a half years which has been invaluable. Thanks also to Sandra Roos for her hep and kindness too.

Case Ref. FAM2618

It was a pleasure working with Jon Beck. He made a difficult time in my life easier to navigate.

Case Ref. FAM2722

Woodford Stauffer have provide me with amazing service in my divorce. In particular Katie. In 2019 she was kind, patient and led me to goal when I was all over the place, having to move out of the area, meet the needs of my kids and rebuild my life. She listened, she advised and through all this she put my kids needs forefront of a very difficult situation. I was divorced swiftly and in a boundaried way with her advice and the resolution mediator she suggested. She is an absolute gem and I cannot recommend her enough.

Case Ref. FAM3295

Katie and Sandra. Now that we are finally free from the stress and worry of a court case, after 15+ months we just wanted to recognise the extremely professional and empathetic way that you, and your team, have managed our case for us. From the first moment that we contacted Woodford Stauffer and were put in contact with yourself, the service you have provided has been fantastic. Your legal knowledge is expert and the guidance and advice you have offered has been “on point” the whole way through our journey. You have constantly reassured us through this difficult period and your support has been a source of inspiration at times and we can assure you this was greatly appreciated. I would like to say a very heart-warmed thank you to Sandra, yourself and all the team at Woodford Stauffer for everything you have done for us and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone who is going through a situation like the one we have just endured.

Case Ref. FAM3167

None of this would have been possible without Clive’s painstaking work, advice, tenacity and attention to detail in guiding me through legal minefields and acting in my best interests throughout. More recently, the multi-track process was beyond me and I would not have progressed this far without the advice and guidance of Verity, who very generously gave me free advice.

Case Ref. CB/FAM2618

Our family law team


Clive Barker

Solicitor Consultant

Head of Family Law

Clive Barker

Direct Dial:01252 550433

Email Clive Barker

Clive is a Consultant; he qualified as a Solicitor in 1968 and has always specialised in family law.

He is the Head of our Family Law Department and has a particular interest in difficult or complex financial disputes, and property disputes between unmarried couples.


Katie Wouldham


Family Department

Katie Wouldham

Direct Dial:01252 550432

Email Katie Wouldham

Katie is a member of the family law team and has profound expertise in the area of children law and domestic violence. 

Following a Master’s Degree in modern history from St Andrew’s University, she completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice at the University of Law in Guildford, qualifying in 2011. Since qualification she has specialised in her chosen areas of children and domestic violence, although she deals with all aspects of family law from divorce, co-habitation, financial remedies and child arrangement disputes.

Katie is an Accredited Specialist with Resolution in both private children law and domestic abuse.   Out of hours, she volunteers with a domestic outreach group in Surrey, providing monthly advice clinics on domestic abuse and protective measures and also regularly attends pro bono advice clinics in the local area.