About Woodford Stauffer

Woodford Stauffer is widely regarded as a firm apart; one which punches above its weight.

The firm was founded in 1990 by three partners, including our current senior partner, Verity Stauffer.  She and her co-founders wanted to offer City-quality legal services to Clients in and around Farnborough.  Our business model was constructed around three core values:

  • real, specialised legal expertise,
  • an outstanding service to Clients, and
  • a commitment to building and maintaining lasting relationships.

We’ve held steady to those core values throughout the last twenty seven years.  They define us, the work we do and the way we approach serving our clients.

How are we different?

We're Small

We’ve chosen to remain a small firm: six partners, fourteen lawyers and a total staff of fifty. So, our service is always personal, and our offices warm and welcoming.

We're Experts

Each of our lawyers is a specialist in their area, ensuring clients receive the most authoritative advice available.

We’re Practical

Our advice is founded on common sense and commercial judgement. We avoid waffle and legal jargon. We work proactively, to identify objectives and how best (and most cost-effectively) to achieve those. 

We're Collaborative

We recognise and promote the strengths and talents of each member of the Woodford Stauffer family in a supportive and challenging work culture, where individuality and creativity are allowed to shine. We ensure each of our clients has a bespoke legal team, made up of the people best able to help with each legal issue.

We Value Relationships

Building relationships is at the heart of our success.  We value loyalty, mutual respect and openness.  We get to know our clients, their families, their businesses and their circumstances.  As a result, Clients remain with us long-term.  Very few of our staff choose to leave.  Many of our professional relationships date back to 1990.

Why use us?

Like all successful businesses, we’ve adapted to change and grown with time, but we've held steady to our core values throughout 27 years. They define us, the work that we do and the way we approach serving our Clients.

We think our differences make us better. Our existing clients agree, and we’re confident you will, too.

98% of our Clients, who completed feedback questionnaires, in the past three months rated our service as good or excellent.
Many Clients also offer unsolicited comments. We upload all of these comments for you to see.