Careers & Vacancies

Please read the About page for a summary of our ethos.

Everything at Woodford Stauffer is geared to the achievement of excellence.  We need all our people – fee earners and support staff alike – to;

  • have a practical, can-do approach,
  • be willing to work hard and intensively,
  • engage readily and positively with Clients,
  • have a strong sense of pride in and commitment to their work, and
  • adhere to our in-house working and support systems

To achieve this, we provide constant support, mentoring and teamwork.
You’ll never be left to struggle alone.
Mistakes are not treated negatively but as opportunities to learn.

Our staff very rarely leave us – we are just as dedicated to providing a happy and rewarding workplace, as we are to serving our Clients.  

You don’t have to be academic or highly qualified to work for us.  We want people with common sense, enthusiasm and drive.  Many of our legal executives started with us as secretaries, and have developed their careers and acquired their qualifications with our guidance and support.

We are always keen to hear from like minded people who might wish to join us.